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    Our factory was found in 1990.After years of innovation and introduction of advanced technology and efficient equipment, our product quality, types of specifications have been perfected. With a substantial increase production also has accumulated rich experience in products and management, which can provide customers with excellent products and quality service.
    Our main products including: resin (pvc) series of zipper, 3#, 5#, 8#, 10#, supported by gold-plated, silver plated, colorful, reflective. Metal series of chain supported by brass, copper Qingshi, black nickel, yellow, white and other colors plating. Because of many kinds of products, specifications, fast supply, our products are popular across the country and the world, and won highly praised all around the world.
    Our strong financial support, excellent talents, skilled technology helps us to have a place in the market. We welcome counterparts at home and abroad to establish and develop business contact with us in the future.
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